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In the Ice Cream for Everyone podcast show host Willem van der Horst interviews interesting professionals in a variety of fields such as design, gaming, advertising, marketing, branding, strategy, or craft beer brewing.
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Apr 6, 2016

I'd caught up with Anjali at The Story conference back in February and asked if she'd be up for participating in a recording. We managed to find some time a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent to have a conversation about everything she's up to these days.

Anjali is the Head of Innovation for phd, a global media agency. She also co-founded Ada's List, an online community of women in tech and business in the UK, now expanding to the US as well. Anjali regularly writes in industry publications and speaks at a variety of events and conferences. As this is published and in case you're going too, she will be speaking at the Internet Age Media Weekend in Barcelona from the 7th to the 10th April 2016. She also writes a weekly newsletter and curates a website featuring innovation, startups and new technologies from places away from Western countries focus, called Other Valleys.

We had a fun and fascinating conversation about Anjali's international upbringing, her interest in TV shows, her sociology studies, her role with phd, Ada's List and much more. Enjoy!

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Mar 30, 2016

Important note: It seems conventional on other podcasts I listen, to mention explicit language - in case your kids are around while you listen or something. There are a few F-words in this episode. I apologise I forgot to mention it in the intro to the episode.

This week on the podcast we geek out about tabletop roleplaying games (and a bunch of other stuff - don't feel left out if you don't play tabletop roleplaying games) with an awesome guest: Luke Crane. Luke had won multiple Origins Awards for Best Roleplaying Games in 2006 for his first system Burning Wheel and again in 2008 for MouseGuard. He also designed several other games such as Burning Empires, FreeMarket (with Jared Sorensen) and recently Torchbearer. Luke regularly talks about game design as a variety of events and conventions. Last but certainly not least, Luke is also the Head of Games for Kickstarter, the online crowdfunding website. He gets to support thriving game designers bring their projects to life thanks to the support of fans on the popular crowdfunding platform.

We had a fantastic conversation about the design voices in Luke's head, his lunar origins, authors intentions in game design, his latin studies, the Burning Wheel RPG system, his favourite games and movies, how games and tabletop games in particular are seeing a renaissance thanks to crowdfunding and more.


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Mar 24, 2016
Mar 18, 2016

Thanks to Heather's introduction following a previous episode of the show, I've had a brilliant conversation with Rachel Thompson. Before falling into advertising and marketing Rachel was studying cultural anthropology and made Live Action RolePlaying games in the UK the main focus of her Masters. We had a great talking about her knitting, interest in science-fiction, comments about the recent trends in virtual reality headsets, loyalty for brand (or lack thereof),  live action roleplaying and much more. I hope you enjoy!

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Mar 11, 2016

We have an exciting show this week, a great conversation about gaming and diversity with Tanya DePass. I found out about Tanya and #INeedDiverseGames thanks to an article I read on Offworld. I'm conscious that the majority of my guests so far are a bunch of white guys, I'm interested in talking to a diverse set of interesting people from around the world so I thought it would be great to find out more about the "I Need Diverse Games" community with Tanya.

We have a lovely conversation about Tanya's background as a gamer, both video games and tabletop, her time spent in Japan for studies, her background in computer science and human computer interaction, how #INeedDiverseGames started as an angry tweet from Tanya and grew into a full time activity, her activities as a diversity liaison with conventions like GaymerX and more.

Tanya also co-hosts a gaming audio podcast, Fresh Out of Tokens (iTunes / Stitcher), that I also highly recommend you go check out, there are some great conversations about gaming and with game designers. I've listened to a couple of episodes so far and thoroughly enjoyed them.

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Mar 4, 2016

This week on the podcast, Philippa tells us about The International Exchange. After a successful career working with some of the best advertising agencies including Leo Burnett and BBH, Philippa created TIE in order to leverage the skills of professionals in the communications and marketing industry and put them to use for the benefit of non-profit organisations, often based in developing countries, and help them make a difference in the world.

We had a great conversation talking about Philippa's background in South Africa and Canada, her studies in Bangkok and working in London. She now lives in the Northeast of Brazil, in Olinda, near Recife, and runs TIE from there. 

Now her clients include some of the largest advertising agencies in the world including Network WPP, Wieden+Kennedy, Leo Burnett, BBH, and more. TIE also works with non-profit organisations in Brazil, Ghana, Malawi, India and more across causes as diverse as providing houses with fuel efficient stoves to taking care of re-inserting street children into society.

If ever you're listening to this and wish to get involved with TIE, first check out their Facebook Page, second follow them on Instagram, Twitter and lastly, if your agency isn't working with them yet then I guess send your powers at be a link to this interview so they can hear more about it!

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Feb 26, 2016

In this episode of the podcast, I've had a in-depth conversation with Matthew Dawkins, better known in the roleplaying game community for his Youtube video channel: The Gentleman's Guide to Gaming.

While he recently stopped publishing regular videos on Youtube, he is now spending more time writing pieces for roleplaying books in the Chronicles of Darkness series with Onyx Path publishing. If you haven't heard of him (and are interested in tabletop roleplaying games) I recommend checking the channel out.

We go over much in the conversation, including how Matthew got into tabletop roleplaying games, how he started his video channel, his appreciationg for White Wolf's World of Darkness and the game Vampire the Masquerade and the fascinating "Vampire the Masquerade: Youtube Experiment" which I've also played, albeit not for long.

I hope you enjoy listening, if you do please share it with a friend or leave a review on iTunes, thanks!

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Feb 18, 2016

I'm not usually superstitious but this week's episode of the podcast could give me new insight into being triskaidekaphobic. It's only as I finished editing the episode I realised it's the thirteenth!

I was really excited to meet the team at Sensible Object for this episode, the recent studio behind a new type of game blending physical and digital elements called Fabulous Beasts. I've been following what happening with it and as you might imagine I'm pretty interested in new types of games.

Fabulous Beasts is in the last few days of a crowdfunding project and I encourage you to go check out the game and participate in the Kickstarter to support them.

I visited their studio at Somerset House in central London and had a lovely chat with their lead designer Tim Burrell-Saward. A few days later when I started working on the sound editing for this episode, I realised like 80% or more of the episode had almost constant background clicking sounds that I find really annoying. I've spent hours on trying to remove them, reading and watching tutorials, etc. I don't know what it's due to, it's the first time that it happens. It's a real shame - though maybe I'm dramatising.

At least I thought it's ok to listen to a few minutes of this at a time so rather than imposing the whole thing or throwing it away altogether I opted for a slightly experimental third option, I kept only what I considered the most important and best parts of the interview, and talked in between paraphrasing some of the things Tim and I talked about.

To complement the audio podcast, I recommend watching a few videos with reviews and play tests of the game, which hopefully will give you a better idea of the way it works and the reasons why I think it's an exciting project.

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Feb 11, 2016

After the past two weeks delving behind the scenes of Ed's tabletop game crowdfunding project, we're having a branding and marketing moment. I caught up with my ex-colleague and friend Sid Loyal, a brand strategist with extensive experience in different Asia-Pacific countries, from India to Singapore and Australia. I thought it would be interesting to hear from his perspective about strategy for the advertising and marketing industry in Asia-Pacific.

Sid has great stories to share about how he started in the advertising industry, what he learned along the way, his extensive sneakers collection and a little of what's going on in India for brands and creative communications.

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Feb 5, 2016

This is the second part of a 2-part episode; you can find the part 1 here.

We continue our weekly calls with Ed and keep following his efforts to crowd-fund the expansion of his science-fiction themed tabletop roleplaying game Era: The Consortium Secret War on Kickstarter.

As the project had just recently passed the £1,000 mark at the time we spoke, Ed gave us a few more tips acquired from his experience of running Kickstarter projects, including what not to do. 

We pursue the conversation to discuss how his games company, Shades of Vengeance, started supporting other tabletop roleplaying games creator to complete and finance their games and share them with a wider audience. This started at the Anime North in Toronto a few years ago and they have now successfully supported several games that Ed talks through.

In the last conversation, we wish good luck to Ed for the final days of his Kickstarter project and ask him a few of the now traditional Ice Cream for Everyone cool down questions.

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