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In the Ice Cream for Everyone podcast show host Willem van der Horst interviews interesting professionals in a variety of fields such as design, gaming, advertising, marketing, branding, strategy, or craft beer brewing.
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Nov 8, 2018

A month already since the last episode of the podcast, and a (low) record breaking number, this being only the 4th episode published this season. I recorded this a while back over the summer, so it's a little overdue and at the same time it's right in time for the skiing season. My guest for this episode is Mic McCabe, one of the co-founders of Folsom Skis in Denver, Colorado. As you may know if you follow me on social media, I really got back into skiing pretty seriously two years ago. I hadn't skied since I was a kid and relearned in the French Alps.

Last season I bought an old second pair of skis with the intention of both improving my skiing and  trying a few other pairs of skis. Of course I totally geeked out, read tons about it and tried about 12 different pairs of skis from different brands, sometimes 3 in the same day! While in Telluride I found out about custom skis, then found out about Folsom, I talked to them on the phone a few times, finally tried their skis in Breckenridge on Easter weekend 2018, and loved them so much I ordered a pair! I also commissioned an awesome illustrator for the top sheet for those to become my Ice Cream for Everyone skis.

I hadn't talked with a custom product engineer, designer, and manufacturer, I thought it might be a fun conversation for the podcast.

A few of the things mentioned in the episode:
  • Folsom Skis
  • Follow Folsom on Instagram and Facebook
  • Mike McCabe
  • Colorado
  • Loveland
  • CU Boulder
  • Winter Park
  • Freestyle skiing
  • Moguls / bumps
  • Big Mountain Skiing
  • Race Skiing
  • Freeride Skiing
  • Motocross
  • Wakeboarding
  • Engineering
  • Blue whale > structure that it inspired in building wings?
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Rossignol
  • Dynastar
  • Poplar
  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Aspen
  • Vibration dampener
  • Wagner Custom Skis
  • K2
  • Atomic
  • Trigger II Shape
  • DPS Skis
  • Vail Resorts / Epic Pass
  • Alterra Mountains / Ikon Pass
  • ManHunt
  • How Google Works
Nov 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! May you have abundance of all great things in life for the year ahead!

We have an exciting guest on the show for this episode: I had the chance of meeting Maurice at the Podcast Movement Conference I attended in Chicago earlier in July this year. Since then I checked his podcast, Revision Path, and really enjoyed it so I asked Maurice if he'd be up for joining me for a conversation.

By the way, I apologise for my mistake in the introduction of the episode, I say Revision Path has been going on since 2014 but it's actually 2013 - the first interview was published on 23rd March 2013, precisely.

Revision Path won several awards, including a "Most Inspiring Design Podcast Award" from Creative Markets and in the show Maurice has conversations with the best Black graphic designers, web designers and web developers from around the world. In his words:

"On each episode, we explore the stories, processes, experiences, insights, and creative inspirations of these awesome creators."

Maurice also has his own strategy and design consultancy, called Lunch. It also just happens that right after recording with Maurice, he was headed over to Facebook's Headquarters to give a talk about Revision Path as well as interview a few people for his show, and I mention this in the intro. You can head over to the Revision Path website to check it out.

Among many inspiring side projects over the years, Maurice launched the Black Weblog Awards, and shared his passion for tea in the Year of Tea podcast last year. Maurice is a pretty awesome person with some great stories as well as a great perspective on design, I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you will too.

A few links mentioned in the show:

May 18, 2016

A couple of months ago I attended a fascinating talk from Kwame Ferreira at London's Creative Mornings event, you can find the video of the talk via the link. I introduced myself following his talk and Kwame was kind enough to spare some time to meet with me and have a conversation for the podcast.

Kwame heads a global innovation design & engineering agency and incubator fund, particularly known for developing socially conscious innovation. They solve design and technology problems both large coporations, and also use their time and imagination to solve problems for communities throughout the world where they occasionally send team members in areas problems might need solving, like countries in Africa. As an example and something they are known for, they are helping Dutch company Fairphone design and build the operating system of their new smartphone.

While it is possible to find a couple of talks from Kwame online, he doesn't tend to be very public and so I felt privileged that he gave his time for this excellent conversation about the future, design and technology. I hope you enjoy it! 

Some of the information mentioned: