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In the Ice Cream for Everyone podcast show host Willem van der Horst interviews interesting professionals in a variety of fields such as design, gaming, advertising, marketing, branding, strategy, or craft beer brewing.
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Dec 23, 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!! Perhaps not that much of a seasonal climax, this year we finish the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast sans guests, just a few minutes of yours truly to wish you happy holidays / Christmas / Chanukah (at the time of recording) / Festivus /  Kwanza / However you celebrate the end of year - and a happy new year!

That's about it, I've just arrived in the South of France to spend the holidays with family in the Pyrénées Mountains and am looking forward to it! The show will be on hiatus over the holidays and I'll be slowly planning for new episodes in mid to late January 2018.

Thank you for listening, if you like it a 5 star review as a gift won't go unnoticed!!

Dec 6, 2017

The podcast is back with a new episode after a brief Thanksgiving hiatus - also slightly due to scheduling breakdowns too. I'm excited, this was a great conversation. Adam Pierno, Chief Strategy Officer at creative agency Santy, reached out to me on Twitter and invited me to be a guest on his podcast, The Strategy Behind Everything, in which we talked about tabletop games. I finally managed to organize my schedule properly to have Adam on my show to talk about his background as a creative in the advertising and marketing industry, how he shifted to work on the strategy side, the book he wrote (Under Think It: A Marketing Strategy Guidebook for Everyone), and his podcast among a few other topics.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did! As I explain in the intro, depending on scheduling opportunities with guests I'm looking at publishing one last episode for 2017 and wrapping up - or it might be just a brief update to wrap up the year and talk about what I'm planning for next year.

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Nov 8, 2017

I haven't had any guests having worked in both advertising agencies, in marketing as a client, and in fine arts so far. I thought it would be a great perspective to have so I invited my friend Vicky Hoffman to join me for a conversation. It's a little bit shorter than usual, as I'm exploring and experimenting with different lengths for the show, and admit I was running out of time to plan for this episode as well. We talked about Vicky's experience studying metalsmithing and enamels, her career in marketing and advertising, her transition to being a working artist and encaustic painting, and finally her recent studying of wine with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

You can find out more about Vicky Hoffman and her art on her website:
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Oct 25, 2017

Hi there! Unfortunately I've been running behind original plans for the podcast and don't have a guest today. New guests coming up, in the meantime just an update for a few minutes talking about what is going on right now.

In short:

I have been freelancing at Energy BBDO in Chicago for a few months now, an advertising agency. and officially switched to working there full time. Ice Cream for Everyone will keep going on here on the website, blog, newsletter, podcast pretty much as per usual - and it's my personal online environment, it doesn't reflect the views of my employer, as is traditional to point out.

I will be on fellow strategist Adam Pierno's podcast: The Strategy Behind Everything, talking about tabletop roleplaying games. It was a great conversation! Check out his podcast when you have a chance!

I am scheduling conversations with guests so watch out for a more substantial update in a couple of weeks, thank you for your patience!

Oct 11, 2017


For this new episode of the podcast, I had an excellent conversation with fellow gamer and podcaster Meghan Dornbrock. Meghan has a lot of different and fascinating projects going on, including a video game in development, many illustrations, the Modifier podcast (which is also part of the One Shot Gaming Podcast Network). I first learned about Meghan and her podcast via Twitter, liked the different projects I came across on her main website, enjoyed listening to a few episodes of her podcast and reached to organise a recording. Modifier is pretty similar to this podcast, though more specialized in talking with tabletop roleplaying game designers, and if you check the list of episodes you'll see we have several guests in common.

In the episode we talk about Meghan's commitment to accessibility in gaming, herself being visually impaired, how her podcast started, how she got into gaming, what exactly are magical girls, what qualifies this particular genre, and much more. Enjoy!


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Sep 28, 2017

I had a great conversation with Malachi Rempen: screenwriter, traveler, and creator of the Itchy Feet web comic and travel card game. Malachi recently and successfully crowdfunded the Itchy Feet Travel card game. We covered some good ground talking about storytelling and the importance of having the end in mind, travel stories, marketing, the Kickstarter project he recently finished, cinema influences with the Coen Brothers, writing advice, and much more. Enjoy!


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Sep 13, 2017

I hadn't played any video games in a long while and I'm glad I got back into it thanks to Thomas Brush's beautiful Pinstripe game. As I explain in the episode, I came across Pinstripe's Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign last year, really liked what I saw and participated in bringing the game project Thomas had already been working on by himself for several years to fruition. The game was released on Steam a few months ago and I played through it. I really enjoyed the design, style, storytelling, atmosphere, quite tough themes to approach, and the music. I reached out to Thomas and we had a great conversation about what it takes to create this kind of solo indie game project. We talked about Thomas' background in South Carolina, his creative influences, how he started designing games, and much more.

You can find Pinstripe on Steam, and if you have a console take note that it will be released on XBox and Playstation in just a few months. Thomas is now working on his next game: Once Upon a Coma.


Mentioned in this episode:
Pinstripe Kickstarter campaign
Thomas Brush Atmos Games
Thomas Brush | AtmosGames on Twitter
Pinstripe on Steam
Time review of Pinstripe
Once Upon a Coma Game
Hollow Night Game
Firewatch Game
Greenville, South Carolina
PAX West Conference
Hurricane Irma
Bible Belt
Sweet Tea
Cream Tea
E3 Game Expo
Tim Burton
Indie Game documentary
Steam / Valve
Pan's Labyrinth
Guillermo Del Toro
The Last of Us
Clash of Clans
Candy Crush
Monument Valley
House of Cards
Think and Grow Rich
TED Radio Hour - A Better You episode
Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock
Unity Game Awards
Mark Hamill
The Gift: How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World
Settlers of Catan
Cards Against Humanity
Scoundrels Pirate Game Design with Randy O'Connor
Aug 30, 2017

I had the chance of organising a conversation with seasoned brand strategist turned entrepreneur Frank Striefler. Inspired by dating sites matching potential partners, and frustrated by his own experience as a candidate and as a hiring manager in the creative communications and marketing industries, Frank created a job matching site: I've had Siftly on my radar as it had been growing in popularity over the past few years, and also because it started as a dedicated platform by and for strategists in marketing and communications industries. 

In the past few years the job matching site for experts and specialist jobs extended from strategy roles to offer services for other functions such as account management. Soon they will be launching Siftly Now for freelancers in the creative communications industries.

Frank has a wealth of experience both with creative agencies and global brands like Nike, we had a fascinating conversation about his career, what led him to create Siftly, how it works, and some future projects coming up with the new business. I hope you enjoy!

In this episode:

Aug 16, 2017

 Quick August update to keep in touch with you all listeners as I'm preparing for future episodes, scheduling conversations with creators in the weeks to come. So this is just a few minutes long to keep you in the loop and mention a couple of things that caught my attention in the past week or so as I've been catching up on a backlog of email newsletters, as I'm considering a few possible changes to the Ice Cream for Everyone website (about time, it's slow and clunky now), and the Ice Cream Sundae newsletter. 

I logged back on the Steam gaming platform to redeem a couple of coupons from new video games I'd supported the development of during Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns like Pinstripe, found out about a recent game by the creator of Monkey Island called Thimbleweed Park, and recommend Nick Quah's Hot Pod email newsletter about podcasting news and trends. 

I forgot to mention in the episode that I was also going to attend Genius Steals Faris & Rosie Yakob's WARC webinar about the ABCs [Account, Brand, Comms] of Agency Tools and Processes. This was Part 1 and it was excellent, the presentation will soon be available to download online. Part 2 is coming next month if you'd like to check it out.


Show notes:

Aug 3, 2017

In this pretty experimental episode of the podcast, my good friend Jean-Paul (JP) Biondi and I attempted a wild and live recording out in Chicago's West Loop. We thought it might be a good idea to test the hype of Au Cheval, a restaurant that according to many reviews has one of the very best burgers in Chicago and even America.

For those who follow the podcast, we heard of JP before in the Chicago Summer Sounds episode, but this time we have a proper conversation, punctuated by background music, and opinions about the food we're eating. We used to work together at Saatchi & Saatchi in Singapore, a large advertising agency, and now he is the Marketing Manager for the Midwest at Lyft, the ride sharing company.

A few questions to ponder in this episode:

  • Is it worth all the hype?
  • Is the Au Cheval burger really that good?
  • Does this sound good at all, and is it a good idea for an amateur podcaster to be recording in bars and restaurants?
  • Does an audio description of food sound interesting?

A few things mentioned in the episode:

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